April 15, 2014 |
fpage1: I hope you had an alright time
Friskyseal: it was fine. that's the first time i've been to a bar in 2 years, since my crippling
Friskyseal: so what you saw, that was a big accomplishment
fpage1: I didn't realize that
fpage1: yeah no kidding
fpage1: I came out of last night with the foremost thought in my mind being: I really want Barry to be happy
Friskyseal: you mean before or after?
fpage1: after
Friskyseal: that's nice. maybe a little sad
fpage1: yeah, little of both
fpage1: I do though
fpage1: I really want you to have a happy and fulfilling life
fpage1: You have what seems to me a very odd way of fulfilling your goals
fpage1: socially, I'm saying
Friskyseal: i think you’ll have to elaborate
Friskyseal: i think if you looked at it from my perspective, it would seem perfectly and kind of painfully logical
fpage1: I've hung out with you one-on-one a fair bit in the time we've known each other
fpage1: you can talk
fpage1: you can have an interesting conversation
fpage1: and you're not afraid to project facets of your personality that run against the grain
fpage1: all of which makes you a likable, and interesting, person
fpage1: you have that already
fpage1: but in your approach to girls it's like you're disregarding that and wanting to start from scratch with game, etc.
fpage1: I think you're approaching it too much like comedy, actually
Friskyseal: let me tell you why
fpage1: where it's just time on stage that counts, and everything is about feedback and tweaking material
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