April 27, 2007 |
"ugh, look at your room! when are you gonna pick all this stuff up?!"

"i'll do it."

"you've got trash all over the place! god, how do you let it get this bad?!"

"relax, i'll do it."

"and your bathroom! it smells awful! how do you live like this?!"

i smell even worse.

"i said i'll do it."

"no you won't, you make me do it!"

she's right. i won't. my playstation is already turned on.

she still doesn't know that if she suddenly needed the medication that's been prescribed to her it would mysteriously be missing. or that in the past week all my food has been paid for using her debit card. the PIN is 8631.

"agh, you know what? you need to learn how to be responsible."

"i am responsible."

"no! no you're not. you need to learn how to take care of yourself in a healthy way. you know, i want you to move out. i really do."

she's only saying that because she knows it's impossible.

© barry reinschreiber