May 08, 2007 |
on saturday i woke up at 2. my mom came in right away, presumably for our daily argument.

"i ran into somebody that knows you."

"oh yeah? who?"

"erica's mom."


she nodded. "she goes to san diego state."

i wholeheartedly laughed out loud because i immediately understood where this was going.

"haha, and what did you tell her i did?"

the ultimate embarrassment for my mother is having to explain to somebody how barry is doing or what barry is up to or better yet what college barry decided to attend.

"the truth! that you're a bum. that you sleep all day and do nothing and you're a bum. when are you going to get a job? i don't care about your metal bars anymore. you need to move on with your life. i saw that you took money from my purse again. that money is mine! you need to earn your own money. i want you to learn what it's like to slave away all day for that money!"

"i already told you i'd call the temp agency on monday."



© barry reinschreiber