July 08, 2007 |
"when did i say you could eat my leftover half of burrito?"

"sorry, you said you didn't even like it? i'll put it back. i'll find something else."

"you know, you have no idea how to take care of yourself. all you eat is junk. all i see you eat is fast food, fast food, fast food, fast food! i never see you eat any fruit! i have apples, oranges, plums, pears! and you never eat any of it! you're completely irresponsible! you have a little sip of orange juice in the morning and you think that's enough! all you eat is junk. you're gonna get sick. you're going to get diabetes. if your chest doesn't heal properly, it's all your fault! i've been saying it for two years, if you don't get better, it's all your fault! your fault! your fault! it's your fault!"

© barry reinschreiber