July 30, 2007 |
[jorah transcribed this for me from an audio recording.]

Man : Can I help you? I'm sorry, I'm on the phone, long distance. Would you mind waiting outside?

Boy : Fine.

Man : ...do you have an appointment?

(sound of typing)

Woman : May I help you with something?

Boy : I need to speak to him. (pause) Who's the successor who's continuing to do the operations?

Woman : For adults?

Boy : For anyone.

Woman : Well, we have it, it's divided up by ages. So it'd probably be Dr. Robert Cameron.

Man : Gale, could you shut my door please?

Woman : Yes, just a second, please.

(door shuts)

Woman : Okay.

Boy : I know that Dr. Dunn is doing the other operation.

Woman : He's doing the children, yeah.

Boy : He's only doing children?

Woman : Only doing children. Dr. Dunn, he isn't doing any of them.

Boy : He's not?

Woman : Other pediatric surgerons are doing children, but they're only doing children they want to do over the age of 17.

Boy : I just need to know who's doing the same operation he's doing.

Woman : Dr. Cameron.

(long pause)

Boy : Could you write down his information for me?

Woman : Come on in, you're at the right place.

Girl : Yeah. I'm just trying to...

Woman : He's actually on the phone right now.

(Sound of telephone)

(Talking in the background)

Woman : There's nothing else that I can help you with? Because he's got students here, and he's got an intern on his way in.

Boy : No, I need to talk to him. I need to talk to him.

Woman : Wouldn't it be better to make an appointment? He can't just see you on the spur of the moment.

Boy : Well, he has to.

Woman : Well, I'm sorry, he doesn't have to.

Boy : Well, I'm sorry, I'm not leaving until I talk to him.

Woman : I can call security.

Boy : Please don't.

Woman : And have you removed.

Boy : Please don't.

Woman : Well, then you need to make arrangements to speak with him.

Boy : He needs to know this now.

Woman : He doesn't need to..

Boy : He does. He's hurting people. (Sound of crying)

(Sound of sobbing)


Woman : I can ask him if he'll talk with you but you can't just walk in on him.


Woman : Here's a tissue.

Boy : No, thank you. I just need 5 minutes then I'll be...

Woman : What's your name?

Boy : Barry Reinschreiber.

Woman : Have the people here from the university contacted you? From legal affairs?

Barry : What are you referring to?

Woman : You got sent a letter?

Barry: Yes.

Woman : From Dr. Fonkalsrud? Did they contact you?

Barry : The risk management department did?

Woman : Yes.

Barry : Yes, they did.

Woman : Why don't you go ahead and have a seat... as soon as he's off the phone I will go in and talk with him.

Intern : Hi.

Woman : Go in and have a seat. He just wanted you to be here for a lecture. And he's actually on a call right now, so...

Intern : Okay.... How's it going?

Girl : Good. I've never seen...

Woman : I didn't introduce myself either. I'm Gale.

Girl : Hi, I'm Brittney.

Woman : This is your first week... first day.

Brittney : Uhm, first day here, yeah... (indecipherable)

Woman : Yeah, because it's your second week.

Brittney : Yeah, I'm still pretty green.

Woman : Of course, yeah. Well, okay.

Brittney : Yeah I'm really enjoying it.

(door opens)

Fonkalsrud : Hi there.

Brittney : Hello!

Fonkalsrud : Did Keely come?

Woman : No, Keely didn't, but the other, uhm.. the intern's here.

Fonkalsrud : But, he's the intern.

Woman : Oh. No, this... oh this is (indecipherable). Yeah he just stepped out for a moment. But he came back.

Fonaklsrud : Do you have an appointment?

Barry : No, I don't.

Fonkalsrud : Can you make an appointment?

Barry : No, I can't.

Fonkalsrud : Because, I can't see you today, I..

Barry : I just need to talk to you for five minutes.

Fonkalsrud : I can't have that.

Barry : Well, you have no choice.

Fonkalsrud : Oh yes I do.

Barry : I need to know why you're lying to me.

Fonkalsrud : What?

Barry : I need to know why you're lying to me.

Fonkalsrud : What do you mean by lying to you?

Barry : You said you've never seen this before. And that's not true, is it?

Fonkalsrud : What?

Barry : You have seen this before.

Fonkalsrud : What?

Barry : The permanent discomfort in my chest that you've caused me.

Fonkalsrud : I've not caused you any...

Barry: Yes, you have. I was fine, before I saw you. Even your first consultation, says I was fine. Then, you touch me, and I wasn't fine, and you said you've never seen this before but that's not true.

Fonkalsrud : No?

Barry : No, it's not.

Fonkalsrud : Are you talking about Mr. Brennan?

Barry : There's him. There's also Daniel Park, whose chest caved in all the way again, and he has a discomfort. And there's others...

Fonkalsrud : Uh huh. But yours didn't cave back in.

Barry : Yes it did. Because I went back and got it fixed.

Fonkalsrud : Well, then you had it fixed.

Barry : Right, I know I did.

Fonkalsrud : Right.

Barry : He opened me up again. Do you know what he found?

Fonkalsrud : What?

Barry : Blue, permanent sutures!

Fonkalsrud : Yes, they're there. Because they're...

Barry : You didn't think it would be prudent to tell me about those?

Fonkalsrud : No.

Barry : You didn't think so? Well, when I came back in here, a year and a half later, and I sat there and said I can't live like this...

Woman : Don't start raising your voice.

Fonkalsrud : I'm gonna call the police here in just a minute to get you out of here.

Barry : When I said I couldn't live like this, and I pointed right here at my chest, you said nothing. Nothing!

Fonkalsrud : I did say something.

Barry : You said ...

Fonkalsrud : I told you exactly what to do about it, and I have it on the chart.

Barry : You told me to go rub Bengay on it!

Fonkalsrud : All right, at first it was muscle spasms.

Barry : It wasn't muscle spasms! It was the sutures!

Fonkalsrud : Don't shout in this hospital or I'm gonna call the police right away.

Woman : I'm calling them right now.

Fonkalsrud : Okay. (Angrily) You have no right to come in the office and accuse somebody in front of, uh, students, and uh, patients here. You make an appointment and I'll be happy to speak with you.

Barry : I've made appointments. That's all I've been doing for two years, I've made appointments, you don't give me anything! You lied to me!

Fonkalsrud : I have not lied to you ever.

Barry : You ... You lied by omission!

Fonkalsrud : Please get out of my office.

Barry : It was right in here!

Woman : I'm sorry. 72, 126.

Fonkalsrud : Please call. (indecipherable) And please have the police take him out.

Barry : It fixed it you know. The sutures, they took them out, and it fixed it. I would have had to live my entire life in permanent discomfort and I went and got it fixed! Fuck you!

(Door shuts)

Woman : It's Gale. G-A-L-E. 56712. Thank you. Goodbye.


Barry : I'm sorry, I didn't ask for this. You know, I came here, a bright eyed little boy. I did not ask for this. Did I?

Woman : These surgeries are elective. No one, no one forces you to have them...

Barry : It's informed consent! He needs to be telling people that this is happening! Do you know how ridiculous it is that I'm gonna walk out of the office, and another bright eyed boy's gonna come in here, and they're gonna have no idea. He's going to say to them, they'll be back in school in two weeks, you'll be fine, there's never been any problem. That's a lie! Isn't it?

Woman : There are no problems.

Barry : You don't know how it feels! How could you say there's no problems? You don't know how it feels to be me! How could you say that?? Tell me how..

Woman : I'm not going to argue with you..

(Door opens)

Intern : You don't need to sit here and bother her. The cops are coming, why don't you just go? I mean, they're gonna either way. I got nothing to do with this, she already called them, she doesn't need this, I mean... this is not her fault. You know, why don't you just leave before the cops come and take you away?

Barry : I just want her to understand.

Intern : I know that you're upset, but, you know, yelling at her is not gonna...

Barry : I'm not yelling at her, I'm just trying to get her to understand.

Intern : But, you know, you're disrupting her job, and...

Barry : Well, he disrupted my life for two years..

Intern : I understand, but, you know, taking it out on her is not..

Barry : I'm not taking it out on her.

Intern : You should just leave man, the cops are coming.

Barry : Fine.

Intern : Okay.

(Door shuts)

Barry : You know this is going on. How could you let this keep going on? And do nothing? You guys are really gonna do nothing? This is... you're right. This is elective, pediatric surgery. I was seventeen when I first came here.

(Door opens)

Fonkalsrud : Hey Gale, I would like to speak to you for a second.

Barry : Seventeen!

(door shutting loudly, footsteps)

(door opens, shuts)


Barry : How could this not bother you?? Please tell me, I need to know. I want to have a life again. This wasn't fair. It's not fair to the people it's happening to now.


Barry : Totally unnecessary. It's stupid.

(speaking over... an intercom)

Woman : Hey there, (some name?) it's Gale, at Dr. Fonkalsrud's office. How are you doing? Uhm... question. Dr. Fonkalsrud wanted me to give you a call. Hang on just a moment.

Security: How are you doing?

Woman : Doing just fine.

Security: All right. How are you doing?

Woman : Doing okay.

Security: Everything okay?

Woman : Actually, he needs to leave.

Security: All right. Let's go partner.

Barry : (screaming) Thanks a lot, hack!

(walking, sounds of talking in the background)

Security : What happened?

Security : (name?) , you might wanna go back to 172126 and get me some information, I'm ... (something)

Security : So why were you up here?

Barry : Uhm, my doctor ruined my life.

Security : How did he ruin your life?

Barry : Uhm, basically, the surgery he's performing is wrong.

Security : He hasn't (indecipherable)

Barry : (indecipherable)

Security : (indecipherable)

(Security talking in the background)

Security : He's claimed that this doctor ruined his life (indecipherable)

Barry : (Indecipherable)

(more indecipherable talking by security)

Security : You don't have nothing on you or anything, right? You are not in trouble for anything?

Barry : No.

Security : All we're gonna do is just get information from you. (indecipherable)

Woman : .... It's too much. .... Every single thing else. He doesn't have to do anything. Believe me, believe me. Bathing him, shaving him, getting him up for.... private people, are doing everything... you know, and I'm here to tell you. (more talking, can't make out)

Woman : Do I need your address....

Woman : There's security all over the place here.

Security : I called you guys because we don't have information..... (indecipherable)

Policeman : What's this all about?

Barry : I just wanted to talk to the doctor for five minutes.

Policeman : So... what happened with that?

Barry : Uhm... I just yelled at him for a little bit and that's it.

Policeman : For what purpose?

Barry : Uhm... He performed surgery on me two years ago, and... he's hurting people. And I want him to know.

Policeman : So what did you say when you went up there?

Barry : I asked him why he lied to me... and I explained why I thought he lied to me. And then.. .that's basically it.

Policeman : Okay, did you ... (indecipherable)

Barry : Mm hmm.

Policeman : So why, two years later, you decide to come back here?

Barry : It's been an ongoing thing, I've had three major surgeries since then, my last surgery was in November, so, I've been recovering since that, so..

Policeman : Do you have ID on you?

Barry : No, I don't, it's in my car.

Policeman : What's your last name?

Barry : Reinschreiber. Spell it for you. R-E-I-N-S-C-H-R-E-I-B-E-R.

Policeman : First name?

Barry : Barry. B-A-R-R-Y.

Policeman : Middle?

Barry : Alan. A-L-A-N.

Policeman : What's your address?

Barry : It's 9741 Reseda Blvd, #41. In Northridge. 91324.

Policeman : Phone number?

Barry : (818) 772-7410

Policeman : Date of birth?

Barry : 01/04/87.

Policeman : Have you had more surgeries by this guy?

Barry : No, not by this guy.

Policeman : You understand you can't come back, yelling and screaming at people in the hospital. Whether you're upset with the doctor or not, doesn't really make a bit of difference. If you're that upset, you need to contact an attorney and file a lawsuit.

Barry : I've tried that.

Policeman : Have you talked to patient relations here?

Barry : I've tried that. I've done everything.

Policeman : What'd they tell you?

Barry : They won't help me, basically. So...

Policeman : Why are they not helping you? There's gotta be a reason that they're not helping you... (indecipherable)

Policeman #2 : You say they're not helping you... is that something, that, they're not doing what you want?

Barry : What I want? Uhm.. I understand that. I'll just... you send em a letter, they send you a letter back, saying, they'll investigate it and take it seriously.

Policeman : ...Spelling of Robert Edward Ida, Nora, Sam, Charles, Henry, Robert, Edward, Ida, Boy, Edward, Robert. First of Barry. Middle of Alan. Alan like in Alan (indecipherable). Date of birth is 01/04 of 87. Male, white. What's your height, weight, hair and eye color?

Barry : 6 feet, 230, blue, black.

Policeman : Male white. 6 foot, 230, (indecipherable).

Policeman #2 : I think your best recourse is to contact a ... attorney and..

Barry : I've tried it. It's complicated, that's the problem. It's not simple.

Policeman #2 : I'm sure it is, it doesn't sound like it's simple. But if you're not happy with the services that the attorney that you .... now, maybe get a new one.

Policeman : Did you make any threats to him while you were up there?

Barry : No.

Policeman : He's not gonna tell us differently? Are any of the witnesses going to tell us differently?

Barry : No.

Policeman : Do you happen to know your California driver's license number?

Barry : No, I don't.. Sorry. It's in my car if you..

Policeman : That's fine.

Policeman : What doctor was it?

Barry : His name is Eric Fonkalsrud.

Policeman : What?

Barry : You want me to spell it for you?

Policeman : Yeah.

Barry : F-O-N-K-A-L-S-R-U-D.

Policeman : (indecipherable)

Policeman : Next thing is..(indecipherable)... go up there and speak to the doctor, and figure out what's going on, and go from there.

Barry : Okay.

Policeman : Was the surgery here at this hospital?

Policeman : What kind of doctor is he?

Barry : A pediatric surgeon.

Policeman : How long ago was the surgery, you say?

Barry : It was on February 8th, 2005.

Policeman : So you were 18 at the time?

Barry : Yeah, I'd just turned 18.

Policeman : Are your parents involved with this guy?

Barry : Uhm... they were. Not now.

Policeman : Have they made any complaints with anyone at Patient Relations?

Barry : I've been handling it basically.

Policeman : You understand... that's probably not the best way to handle it.

Barry : I've done everything I can.

Policeman : I understand you're frustrated.

Barry : I've done everything I can. I can explain to you exactly why everything you think I should do won't work.

Policeman : I understand your frustration, but you understand where we're coming from.

Barry : I wouldn't have ever touched anyone or anything. I just...

Policeman : Is this the first time you've confronted him in person?

Barry : I'm sorry?

Policeman : Is this the first time you've confronted him in person at his office here?

Barry : That I've come to talk to him? No I've been here many times. With an appointment.

Policeman : But this is the first time you've come without an appointment just for this purpose?

Barry : That's correct.

Policeman : When was the last appointment you had with him?

Barry : Uhm... it was in September of '06.

Policeman : He said this is the first time he's been here without an appointment for this purpose.

Policewoman : Have you contacted the doctor prior to today?

Barry : Yes.

Policewoman : Through what means?

Barry : Appointments, I've sent letters to the hospital...

Policewoman : What did the letters say?

Barry : What did my letters say?

Policewoman : Yeah.

Barry : I have it right here.

Policewoman : Can I see them?

Barry : You want to see the letter?

Policewoman : Yes.

Barry : This is mine.

Policewoman : These are the ones that you sent?

Barry : To the Patient Affairs, yeah.

Policewoman : Oh, to the Patient Affairs?

Barry : ... the place

Policewoman : Barry, is this just, is this just one letter?

Barry : Yeah, it's one letter.

Policewoman : Okay. Did you send more than one, or...

Barry : I gave it to Patient Affairs. They... he said he gave it to risk management, I don't know if that was the right place for it to go. So I think he gave it to some other people too.

Policewoman : Yeah, uhm... that is the protocol, it usually winds up at Risk Management, for any type of complaint. People weren't happy with the service, or with the position, or whatever... So..

Barry : They didn't help me.

Policewoman : No?

Barry : No.

Policeman : Barry, uhm.. the doctor said that there were no threats made so, you're not going to be arrested or anything like that today.

Barry : Okay.

Policeman : Uhm... you can't come back here unless you have legitimate business here.

Barry : Okay.

Policeman : You can't come back here and start yelling at people... things like that. You have to go through another means of it. I know you're frustrated, that's the only thing I can tell you. Come back here and we have to deal with the situation again, there's a good likelihood you're gonna be arrested. All right? That's it. You can go.

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