August 29, 2007 |
"let me just take this tape off..."

who the fuck are you?

"how are you feeling?"


"bad? why?"

because i'm in pain.

"well, the bar just came out. let's give it a little time. i'm sure it will get better."

it won't.

"please, just give it some time..."

where is my doctor? why are you wasting my time?

"...we've done everything we can..."

no! don't sit down!

"...we're here to help you. we can get you a pain specialist, physical therapy..."

fuck! now there's two of you. who the fuck is she?

"...but we can't operate anymore..."

shut up shut up shut up!

"...there's a rule in medicine, you can't have surgery to fix pain. it never works. there are plenty of options, but surgery is not one of them."

fuck. he's right. that makes sense. surgery is what caused the pain. surgery won't be able to fix it. he's right. i'm fucked. i'm going to die. oh you fuckers, you did this to me, you made me and now you want me to disappear, but i won't. you broke it and i have to fix it.

the responsibility of healthcare lies in the patient, not the doctor.

"uh...this might be horribly offensive...but i was actually here to see dr. chen?"

© barry reinschreiber