March 23, 2008 |
dr. chen actually called me back! we spent an hour on the phone. i have learned so much from him, he is one of the most amazing human beings i have ever met. he told me about the baby that was just born without an anus. now everything makes sense to me. it's all come into focus. thank you, dr. chen, because now i understand how it is that i can sob for twenty minutes in my mother's arms at your clinic begging you to perform surgery on me again, and that please let me take the risk, and more sobbing, and that i'd rather die, and more sobbing, and that, please, please try again, so i can live, and more sobbing, and that you can look me straight in my eyes, emotionless, with a blank expression, after two years, and say, "no."

because besides dealing with me, your job is also to sit down with new mothers and fathers and try to explain why it is that their newborn baby doesn't have an anus.

i guess i'll go take a shit now.

© barry reinschreiber