March 25, 2008 |
Friskyseal i just remembered another reason to live
tapdancinsalmon thank god
tapdancinsalmon what is it
tapdancinsalmon oh yes
tapdancinsalmon I know
tapdancinsalmon I cannot wait
Friskyseal i think IMAX for sure
Friskyseal unless im dead
tapdancinsalmon dont die
tapdancinsalmon i dont like imax as much as I like arclight, imax is all about being engulfed by the screen, but its uncomfortable.
Friskyseal whats the difference?
Friskyseal between arclight
tapdancinsalmon arclight uses the same screen technology and sound as Imax. but there is more room to sit, its a bigger space, so the screen isnt like
tapdancinsalmon "I will fucking devour you"
Friskyseal hmm
tapdancinsalmon Metal Gear Solid 4 is another reason not to die.
Friskyseal eli
Friskyseal metal gear solid 4 is THE reason not to die
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