December 31, 2008 |
the loudspeaker-pager system fired up, and bobbi said that the office was closed, and that we could all go home, and to have a happy and healthy new year, and i hurriedly filled out my timecard, and i walked to sheena's office and gave it to her and shouted "hey!" a little bit too loudly before realizing that she was on the speakerphone, with gwen, the other temp, and gwen was annoying her, not understanding something basic, and it was taking a long time, and sheena was making me wait before signing my timecard, and i stood in the doorway of her office, arms crossed as usual, hugging my chest, resting my head on her doorway, waiting for gwen to finish, realizing that the end was near, and that i wanted to wait there, for sheena and gwen, for a hundred years.

into the elevator room, jennifer and jarrod.

"your hair is growing back."

"yeah, i miss it."

"we miss it, too. so, what are you doing tonight?"


"sleeping? what? aww..."

© barry reinschreiber